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Das Keyboard Model S review (Cherry MX Blue) | Foci
Das Keyboard Model S review (Cherry MX Blue)

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Chuyển đến 7:17 để xem trình diễn đánh máy. Đã đến lúc cho một số bàn phím hiện đại hơn! Bắt đầu với Bàn phím Das Model S này với Cherry MX Blue. “Bàn phím cơ học chung” có vẻ gần như hào phóng, nhưng nó cũng có một số ưu điểm. Hy vọng bạn thưởng thức video! 🙂 Đánh giá bàn phím của tôi: Những giọt nước mắt chuyển đổi của tôi: Video TOP X của tôi: Bản trình diễn cách gõ XL của tôi: Các bài hướng dẫn và tính năng của tôi: Tôi là Thomas và tôi thực hiện các video và về bàn phím cơ học, từ các bài đánh giá nhiều nhất về bàn phím chơi game RGB hiện đại đến phần cứng cổ điển di tích, hoặc đôi khi keycaps hoặc keywitch khác nhau, từ Cherry MX đến Alps SKCM đến lò xo vênh của IBM và bất cứ thứ gì ở giữa. Theo dõi tôi trên Twitter để cập nhật các video bàn phím của tôi! Câu thực hành là: “Xin chào, tên tôi là Thomas và tôi đang gõ bàn phím Das Keyboard 4 Model S. Bàn phím này ở mức trung bình và hoạt động rất nhanh, tôi gần như không biết phải nói gì, nếu đó không phải là” t ‘Tôi quá xấu xí và đầy bản thân! ” ..

Xem thêm bài viết hữu ích nhất tại đây:  HOW TO FIX REBOOT AND SELECT PROPER BOOT DEVICE OR INSERT BOOT MEDIA IN SELECTED BOOT DEVICE ? - Trang Web cung cấp các kinh nghiệm về công nghệ hữu ích nhất

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Das Keyboard Model S review (Cherry MX Blue).
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31 thoughts on “Das Keyboard Model S review (Cherry MX Blue) | cherry mx blue | Nơi chia sẻ các tin tức về công nghệ hữu ích nhất

  1. Steve van Schouwen says:

    A key on my Das Keyboard DK 4 Professional failed within the 3 year warrantee and they would not repair. My keyboard is like brand new, super clean, lightly used – it was clearly a faulty key or bad solder, they don't stand behind their products. Won't be buying any else from Das Keyboard. Buyer beware.


    Stripped the meh Cherry switches out of two of these and fitted them both with Box Navies as well as thin Tai Hao PBT doubleshots (which have a nice normal font) and my dad has loved them both since. Thanks to the painted steel mounting plate, they're fairly tough when actually assembled.

  3. DeusPayne says:

    Recently retired my 10+ year old das keyboard with mx browns. The glossy case eventually became a cloudy mess and the keycaps themselves took on a high gloss.

  4. happysmash27 says:

    Wow! That build quality and general repair-hostile design looks terrible! This makes me glad that my HHKB Pro2, and even my HHKB Lite2 (which required me to poke through a label, but is otherwise very easy to losslessly disassemble), are much more user serviceable.

  5. darcia says:

    what keyboard do you recommend for both gaming and work? I don't know where to even start, aside from wanting an MX Brown for the lack of typing noises.

  6. NotEvenDeathCanSaveYouFromMe says:

    Yeah german design…. Right.. I worked in a "german" car facility where they make "german" cars from a scratch, all the way from the skeleton assembly to the finished product and its a long shot from anything like "Uber Quality" or "good" lol..

  7. Dick Bird says:

    i found one of these in brand new condition at a second hand store a couple weeks ago for like 10 bucks. replaced the crappy old membrane kb i use for work. damn was i happy to find this

  8. Tb0n3 says:

    I've had my Das Keyboard S for 6 years and it's held up very well. I think they may have changed the key caps beyond font as they look a bit different in texture as well, though that could just be my well worn caps. I got it for $80 in 2013 so there's no need to go full price. I just recently got a new Corsair with Reds and It's going to take a lot of getting used to after the blues. I agree they're my favorite for feel.

  9. Mr.Sleeper-X says:

    I've had my Das model s for 10+ years now, in its defense, 10 years ago, rgb lights weren't a thing yet, and in terms of quality, its exceeded my expectations. *lots of rage punches and still working a ok!

    One thing to add to your videos is how many commands a keyboard can take at once. My Das seems to only handle a few inputs at once which can hinder performance in games. Excellent reviews, I've been stuck for a few hours watching all of them.

  10. Abdullah Ar Rafi says:

    3:11 When your girlfriend gifts you a Smith-Corona Leaf Spring keyboard, despite knowing you will absolutely loathe it, and you have expected something like an IBM Beamspring one!

  11. pavelp80 says:

    good and honest review, but I miss one thing. Ergonomy. My old keyboard was not cheapest one, but far from expensive membrane keyboard with keycaps being halfway low profile and profile of keyboard was slightly rounded (middle row of the keys somewhat lower than outer rows) and it had plastic wrist rest. Das Keyboard seems higher with keys being higher as well and despite dimensions are likely the same, I tend to mistype more because of different wrist positions and I can't imagine using it without wrist rest.

  12. Dmitry Nosachev says:

    Thomas, please make a review of jailhouse-modded switches. I acknowledge that appearance of some good tactile MX-compatible switches (Zeals V2, T1, Pandas, etc) makes this mod somewhat obsolete, but it still can be interesting.

    You can try it with different switches (Cherry, Gateron, Kailh, Outemu), different spring weigths, materials (thin wire, o-rings, craft foam, J-spacers from thevankeyboards.com, etc). I've made Atreus62 with jailhouse-modded Gateron Blues for my friend and he enjoys typing on them. After that I have made some experiments by combining different spwings and housings and found that Gateron Blue stem in Cherry housing with light spring from Cherry MX Brown gives a very pleasant switch: not too light (spring is precompressed), noticeble round tactile bump and relatively quiet (height of jailhouse modded stem is about 1.5mm higher than usual which cancels the bottom out noise).

  13. GIMACKAL says:

    I think the Model S is just the name they pulled out of their ass for 3rd gen. Also, that font is hideous, my Das Keyboard Model S has a different font (they made a few revisions)

  14. Markku Hyttinen says:

    I recently opened to fix Das Keyboard model S (3) to fix burnout LED and key that does not register every time. in my opinion the plastic covers are very bad, also piano finish on keyboard… UGH! (Also back then when the model 3 was released, there wasn't that much competition in mechanical keyboard market, most were shit, this was pretty much acceptable)

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