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How To BIOS Reset an Asus Computer / Access Replace CMOS Battery – Laptop Wont Turn On Fix #2 – Website cung cấp những kinh nghiệm về công nghệ hữu ích nhất.


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How To BIOS Reset an Asus Computer / Access Replace CMOS Battery – Laptop Wont Turn On Fix #2

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FAQ’s: Q: Will this help reset my BIOS password? A: Unfortunately, I dont give assistance on bypassing BIOS passwords on this channel. Q: I cant find the battery …. là một nơi cung cấp những thông tin về các mặt hàng giá sỉ, thông tin kinh doanh online, kinh nghiệm, chia sẻ hữu ích nhất về lĩnh vực này. Bạn có thể xem thêm nhiều thông tin do chúng tôi cung cấp tại đây: Xem những thông tin hữu ích tại đây.

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How To BIOS Reset an Asus Computer / Access Replace CMOS Battery – Laptop Wont Turn On Fix #2.

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  1. Arabic Songs translated to English says:

    Thanks for this but this is too much work for me, I have this same laptop and everything is fine on it but when I plug in it it turns on by itself, the laptop has windows 10 on bios version 203 (latest version is 304) do you think a bios version update can fix this or shall I do the same thing in your video to fix this?
    PS I tried fixing time and date but bios keeps reseting itself to another time and another date

  2. Raúl A. Martínez says:

    Tengo un problema con una laptop toshiba NB515 , estoy atorado en ese menú al iniciar la laptop y el teclado no responde, intente conectar otro teclado, se ilumina pero no responde ninguna tecla tampoco. Este problema se dio al retirar la pila de reloj y volver a colocar en su lugar. Al cabo de 1 minuto con la pantalla mostrándome ese menú se apaga automáticamente.

  3. Amol B says:

    Hi , My Asus laptop shut down while I was updating bios. Now it's just blinking caps light and Aeroplane mode light please help!!!! Model Asus Q552ub

  4. Ofentse Gumede says:

    Hello sir every time I switch on my laptop it shows my boot loop and on your other video I did fix date and time like you said but it keeps on doing the same thing and some of my keyboard buttons are not working but they look pretty fine.Will this work?

  5. Max Steel says:

    @PC Monkey Google searches can pull up all kinds of "strange" (spamlike/attack pages/sponored ads) results. Do you have a link to a website where I can get a CMOS battery without running unnecessary risk (somebody selling a jpeg/somebody selling a dead battery etc) ((these are just examples, I know the battery is cheap)), especially for someone who does not have brand name reliability in memory from experience?

  6. George Stefan says:

    Hi! I have a ASUS X540SA.
    The battery doesn't charge. Few months ago I notice that my laptop start to not charge the battery. Furthure more from ~80% percentage it dropped to 0% battery in around 5-4 months. I used my laptop daily, noticing how the percentage decreased everyday.
    If I leave the laptop overnight it decreased more. But when leave it plug the decrease stopped.

    The charger is working I didn't notice anything wrong with it.

    What's is worrying me is the sound that my hard drive is making when I shut down or put the laptop into sleep.
    After I plug in the laptop, is turning on by it self. And after two seconds the hard drive is making that sound again. Like is shutting down. And after few second it starts to boot.

    I opened my laptop but I didn't see any CMOS battery. I am planning to replace my hard drive with an SSD. But if I don't fix this problem, I think it will affect the SSD Do you have tips that I can try ?

  7. Zain Ul Abdeen says:

    I have a asus Gl 553 VE model and I was using google chrome and laptop turned off automatically now it’s not turning on either I use battery or charger it’s not turning on anyone help me with this issue and tell me what to do

  8. Batuhan Bayer says:

    My computer gets stuck on asus logo only when restarting but if I go to bios save my time and then reboot it does reboot nicely is my problem this battery? (btw it keeps the time correctly but if I dont acces the bios and save it it stucks in restarts)

  9. Miguel Fontal says:

    Hello i have a msi alpha 15 a3ddk and after a bad manip in my bios on the ram speed, PC don’t restart, i don’t have bios and stay on a black screen.. fans turn on but nothing .. can you help me please bro..

  10. Professional tabla-player / tabla teacher says:

    Great video! My Lenovo G570 shows disk read error upon clean Win 10 install, tried bootable avira rescue to rule out virus. Automatic repair fails only after running chkdsk and repairing C:/ and boot partition, ran cmd diskpart from bootable usb (win setup created by rufus)
    but it shows one partition turned RAW – from which drivers were installed. Please advise

  11. Raphael Diaz says:

    Hello the cmos battery on my asus laptop is similar i do wonder though the cmos battery when i placed it back it is not securedly place which i assume is because of the pins giving a spring effect but the plastic casing does hold it to a certain extent but you can definitely feel that you can push it since its unevenly placed its not flat

    My question is…..

    is this normal or are cmos batteries glued in to stop moving?

  12. cosmas d tembo says:

    Hey help me with my hp laptop
    I had a issue with BIOS it's not saving sittings, I have try updated it, I try to replace CMOS battery, I have reset it, but nothing worked out please help me.

  13. Diana Gonzales says:

    im going to try these first videos on my ASUS laptop. It used to turn on when i would hold down the power button. It will no longer turn on. Thank you for the videos.

  14. Mariana says:

    i have a problem
    in bios setting i changed my graphic to external,my laptop don't have external graphic, now it can't booting, i try to open bios but i can't, the laptop keep beeping if i press f2 every 5 or 10 sec. i try to unplug the cmos battery for about 20-30 minutes like u say to reset the bios but it's not working and i try it again about 1 day and it's the same.
    any advice?

  15. cher vang says:

    Is there any chance u can help me with the lock out of administrator access level cause I’m stuck on User and I can’t seem to find a way past that problem because all admin features are locked out for me since I’m access level User

  16. JJHcars says:

    @PC Monkey  Thanks so much was driving my crazy trying to figure it out. Found another video of yours that led me to this video with my same ASUS Laptop with the CMOS battery underneath mother board. Took it out and went to sleep. Put CMOS battery back In. Put it all back together. It's back up and running and more efficient no less. Original issue was I put had my headphone jack scrape the USB port and it just went blank no power no nothing. I took the battery out and held power down. That got the power and charging back but not the laptop. Went to bed was tossing and turning went back to watching and reading forums online. I figured the bios reset with just letting it sit there while I sleep should do the trick. Boom! It did thanks to your help

  17. Delina C says:

    Hi! I have removed my motherboard following your video from my Asus computer but I can’t find the CMOS battery anywhere. The model number is R541U. Do you have any insight on what to do next?

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